Semester 1/2 - 2018/19
(03 Sept - 14 June 2019)

Semester 3 - 2019
(24 June - 26 Aug 2019)

Semester 1/2 - 2019/20
(03 Sept - 14 June 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Booking - Top six tips for increasing your booking application chances?

  • Whilst we only let on a bed by bed basis we make offers based on a total apartment being filled, so if you can group your applications with fellow students/friends you have a greater chance of being offered accommodation early.
  • Booking for 2 or more semesters increases your chances substantially
  • Book the preceeding Summer Semester (June to August) and you are more likley to be accepted for a space in the following academic year
  • Include a twin/double as a second preference. There are as many twins as singles in the property, therefore singles are limited.
  • Pay both semesters up front and take advantage of the sizable discount available (see https://www.buckleyhall.ie/rates)
  • Complete the application form and licence fully to allow for easy processing.
  • Sign the licence and pay the deposit as early as possible, please note that bookings are occuring up to 9 months in advance in Dublin based on a shortage of student accomadation.
  • 01 Booking - What is the difference between a standard and a premium room?

  • All apartments are generous in size and consist of an entrance hallway, a storage room, an open plan living and kitchen area, a single room, a large twin/double room, ample wardrobe space and a balcony and/or terrace.
  • Our Premium apartments are extra large apartments that consist of two bathrooms, one is dedicated for the single room, the other is an ensuite dedicated for the twin/double room
  • Therefore if you book a Premium Single you will have a Single Room with your own dedicated bathroom in the hall
  • If you book a Premium Twin you will have a shared large Twin Room with its own ensuite bathroom
  • If you book a Standard Twin or Standard Single you will have to share the main bathroom in hall
  • 01 Booking - What is the difference between a twin room and a double room?

  • A twin room is a large room consisting of two single beds, which is shared by two students. A double room is a large room that accommodates one person.
  • 01 Booking - What is the process for booking accommodation?

    All booking requests should be made through the webpage booking form. An application for a booking does not guarantee an offer.

    1. Check online for availability for the semester you are interested in (see calender to left, X means booked out, nothing available)
    2. Complete the booking form on this webpage and submit online (if you book for a period with no availability we will store your information in case of a cancellation)
    3. Await email offer, this may take approximately one to two weeks based on the booking process or time of year.
    4. Pay deposit and submit signed licence based on offer
    5. Pay rent due at least 1 month before licence start date
    6. You will be asked to confirm your expected arrival date and time, please note this has to be during working days/hours, Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm.
    7. Collect keys and licencee handbook after/on start day of the licence. You will also be given an introduction to the Property
    8. We can arrange emergency collection of keys outside of these hours if required. You may nominate someone to collect on your behalf in writting.

    01 Booking - Who will I be sharing with?

  • If you wish to share with a friend, please state this on your booking application and we will do our best to honour your request. For individual applicants we aim, wherever possible, to allocate students by college, year, age and course of study. However this cannot always be guaranteed. You will always be sharing your apartment with same sex students.
  • 01 Booking - Will I be allocated an apartment with mixed gender?

    No, Buckley hall has a strict non- mix policy.

    02 Utilities - Are there catering facilities?

  • The apartments are self-catering. Each apartment has its own kitchen with cooking facilitates where students can prepare their own meals. There are also plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants in close proximity of the premises.
  • 02 Utilities - Broadband Introduction and Use

  • In Buckley Hall we realise the importance of excellent Broadband
  • In Oct 2016 we upgraded our entire system to a state of the art managed wireless network with 1,200Mb/sec available Internet bandwidth.
  • Access is available throughout the property seemlessly
  • When you collect your keys you will also be provided with a broadband key code which is unique to you as a tenant
  • Use your phone/mobile device/laptop/tablet to access the internet using internet explorer/safari/google chrome/firefox in the building and you will be diverted to a page and requested to enter your personal unique key
  • The key is valid until your lease end date and is usable on multiple devices
  • Each tenant is limited to 20MB download speeds to prevent congestion
  • If you have a problem with access please contact the management company using the Contact-Us-Form
  • 02 Utilities - How are utilities covered? What are my bills?

    Broadband Internet and Refuse/Bin and Water Charges are covered by the Licensor. Pre-pay gas and electricity meters are installed giving each apartment control over their energy consumption and costs. Please note there is basic standing charge for both, Gas 25 cent per day, Electricity 1€ per day. We estimate that students will spend on average €30 per month per student on utilities. This amount can fluctuate depending on usage and time of year.

    02 Utilities - How do I use the laundromat?

    How do I use the laundry service?

    There is a laundry available in the basement to all licensees which is operated and managed by Circuit. You will need to purchase your own washing powder which is available from local shops. Credit to operate the machines can be purchased online, please see instructions to use under Laundry-Video

    Alternatively a local laundry is 9mins walk away, Gardiner Street Dry Cleaners, Unit 2, Belmont Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tel 086 447 6865

    If you have any queries regarding use of the laundry or if there is and issue with it, please contact Circuit directly, their number is detailed in the Laundry-Brochure .

    02 Utilities - My Electricity Is Topped Up But Is Still Not Working

    To reset your electricity meter, locate the meter in the hallway. Press the blue A button to activate the meter. Press A again to start the reset, followed by the red B button to finalize. If your electricity does not turn back on immediately please log the issue on our helpdesk.

    02 Utilities - Nest Heating Thermostat Standard Schedule

    Your Apartment is handed over with a standard hot water and heating schedule

    Each apartment has the same basic settings which you can adjust locally using your Nest Heating and Hot Water Controller. The basic setting are detailed below and provide a optimum living environment based on student typlical usage

    Room Heating
  • Mon to Fri - 21 Deg C between the hours of 08:00 to 10:00 and also again between 17:00 and 22:00
  • Min Temperature 24X7 = 15 Deg C - this temperature is the default if you are not boosting or scheduling your heating
  • Safety Temperature to prevent freezing even if Nest turned off = 4.5 Deg C
  • Hot Water Heating
  • Thermostat on tank should be set to 60 Deg C
  • Heating is scheduled Mon To Sun, 06:00 to 08:00 and 17:00 to 20:00
  • Please note you can boost your heating or turn it on or off outside of these times or even reschedule entirely locally

    If you have any issue using your Nest heating device please use the Contact-Us-Form


    The Buckley Hall Team

    02 Utilities - Waste Disposal and Recycling

    Waste disposal is included in your rent. At Buckley Hall we encourage students to be green and recycle. It is important to segregate and compact your waste.

    In your apartment, please use the black bin for general waste and the white bin for recycle waste.

    The Recycling bin in your apartment takes any paper, light cardboard, aluminium drink cans, washed food tins, plastic bottles, plastic film and packaging and Cartons, please see instructions in Download Section of this webpage

    When either of your apartment dustbins is full please empty it in the communal bins located in the basement car park. The green bin is for recycle waste and the black bin is for general waste. Please do not contaminate either bin.

    Please dispose of all glass bottles and jars in our glass bottling bins in the basement, please make sure to seperate all plastic bags/lids/cardboard etc

    Buckley Hall disposes of approximatly 6,000 litres of waste per week, therefore recycling makes a big difference, think green

    02 Utilities - Where can I store my car and bike in the property?

  • Whilst we have an underground carpark it is fully booked out, if you have a carparking requirement please contact us. Onstreet carparking is available through Dublin City Council
  • Underground secure Bike Storage is available in the basement. Please note that bikes are not allowed to be brought in the pedestrian gates and the Licensees should store them using the main garage pedestrian gate. It is a breach of House Rules to bring your bike through the apartment stairwells or/and store in your apartment due to damage caused to stairwells and apartments and also obstruction of fire exits. Breach of rules will result in a fine and/or termination of Licence.
  • Users of the Car park and Bicycle Storage facilities do so at their own risk.
  • The management will not accept responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses.
  • 02 Utilities - Wifi Connection Issues

    If your wifi is not working but you have signal check the following

  • 1. Is it not working on all devices? If the answer is yes go to 2
  • 2. Restart your device and turn off on the wifi setting on your device, open all internet browsers safari/google/chrome and see if one provides the logon page to wifi, if not working go to 3
  • 3. Check if it is working for someone else in your apartment, if the answer is no go to 4
  • 4. Walk to laundry or office in basement and check with new wifi access point and check if working (this discounts an issue with your apt wifi point), repeat step 2, if not working go to 5
  • 5. Report the issue using the contact page on Contact-Us-Form choosing IT issue
  • The majority of issues relate to the system dropping your logon details and your device browser not defaulting to logon page to re-enter logon details

    We rarely have internet down issues with our provider. Always check with other users if they have connection issues first. If they do not, its likely the issue above.


    The Buckley Hall Team

    02 Utilities - Will my room or apartment be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis?

  • The apartments are self-catering and therefore students are responsible for keeping each apartment clean Common areas outside the apartment are cleaned on a weekly basis. Cleaning inspections may be arranged during the year to ensure the apartments are kept in a good condition and well ventilated. Please refer to House Rules and Regulations
  • 02 Utilities - You topped up the gas at the meter and the water isn't heating?

    You topped up the gas at the meter and the water isn't heating? You need to reset the boiler to solve this. You probably need to reset your gas Meter and/or Boiler

    See detailed process flow on resolving issues with heating or hot water in your apartment

    Step 1: Reset Gas Meter First - When you press your gas meter in basement and it shows credit on it, if it says "off" beside the credit it means the gas meter has switched off, a safety feature of the meters when they are not used for some time. To reset, insert the gas card and hold down the A button for 5-10 seconds, you should hear a click and the meter should reset and status change to "on", or follows steps on Video How To Use Gas Meter

    Step 2: If the Gas Meter already says "on" and there is credit on it, the next step is to reset the gas boiler in your apartment. The gas boiler users a pilot flame, a small flame which is maintained in the boiler to light the boiler, when the gas supply is cut due to lack of credit or gas meter being "off", the poilet flame goes out, and needs to be restarted. Follow the steps below to reset your gas boiler

  • 2. Go back to your apartment, turn on the hot water and or heating at the nest controller, the boost function will suffice for the meantime, this turns on the boiler
  • 3. Go to your boiler in you apartment, it can be found at your balcony or in a press in your kitchen depending on apartment, you should hear it humming as called by controller
  • 4. Ensure that the pressure dial is betwen 1 or 2, if lower request maintence to top up
  • 5. Wait for red light to turn on and press the red light, this ignites the pilot flame in the boiler, you should hear clicking as light ignited
  • 6. Test water being heated by either touching pipes under boiler (1 outlet pipe should get very warm very quickly) or by testing radiators/water in 5-10 mins
  • 7. If all of above fails please contact us immediatly and we will pop up and try and resolve the issue
  • If you keep your meter in credit and have a basic schedule to use the boiler a couple of times per week minimum to heat water, you should never have to carry out steps above, it is only through lack of use that the above safety features and resets are required

    03 Check In/Out - Can I send over luggage or personal belongings prior to my arrival?

  • No, unfortunately Buckley hall cannot offer this service. We cannot be held responsible for student’s personal belongings and we do not have a storage facility to accommodate this request.
  • 03 Check In/Out - What do I need to bring with me? Is Bedlinen Provided?

    Bed Linen is not provided. Students must supply their own duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, sheet and towels unless agreed in your Licence. The apartments are fully equipped, see the inventory list Buckley-Hall-Inventory

    03 Check In/Out - What is the process for leaving my apartment?

    The Student Handbook provided with your apartment details the process for vacating.

    1. Use the webpage contact form to advise the Licensor you are leaving your apartment and provide the date you plan to vacate and your bank account IBAN and BIC details to pay back deposit.
    2. The Licensor will approve if it is in line with the Licence terms, otherwise you will need to discuss with the Licensor.
    3. Clean out the apartment thoroughly. Remove of all of your personal belongings, return all inventory to correct locations, returning it to original state.
    4. Drop off the keys in the drop box beside the laundry room
    5. Staff will typically inspect the property within one week of the last Licencee vacating your apartment and based on fair wear and tear, all rent being up to date and the apartment being full cleaned ready for re-let, the deposit will be credited to the bank account your nominated. Typlically you can expect your deposit to be paid back within 1 month of vacating.

    03 Check In/Out - What's my new Address?

  • Apt No:
  • Buckley hall
  • 27-30 Buckingham Street
  • Dublin 1
  • You can find the exact apartment post code at Eircode-Finder
  • 04 House Rules - Can I have an overnight Guest?

    Please refer to your House Rules and Regulations, overnight guests are not permitted. If you have a specific exceptional requirement please contact us using the webpage contact form and we will endevour to work with you on a case by case basis. For example foreign students parents requesting to stay over where the total apartment is let.

    04 House Rules - How do I report an issue?

    All issues should be reported using the contact form on this website Contact-Us-Form. All requests are logged and emailed to relevant person immediatly, wheather its maintenance/security/IT etc, who will action your request as soon as possible. For urgent issues please also contact the office direct on 01 6625149. If an emergency fire/flood/criminal activity please always call the gardai/emergency services on 999 or 112 first.

    04 House Rules - Is smoking permitted?

  • Buckley hall has a non smoking policy see House Rules and Regulations
  • 04 House Rules - Is there a curfew?

  • No, there is no curfew at Buckley Hall. Students are provided with secure access fob that allow entry and access as they please.
  • 05 Licence - I did not get offered a place in Dublin, Am I entitled to a refund?

    Booking applications can be made free of charge. In the event that you confirm your booking by signing your licence and paying your deposit and/or rent to confirm your booking, then rent and deposit are non-refundable in event of early break from licence. See Frequently Asked Question " What if I want to break from my licence early?". However the Licensor recognises it is difficult for 1st year students to book with certainty based on CAO results. Therefore if you can no longer proceed with your Buckley hall accommodation due to a CAO offer not being made from a Dublin university (typically offered on 17 Aug) we would ask you to

  • inform us immediately (within 2 days) of the first round of CAO offers (17 Aug) and
  • provide proof that you were not offered a college place in Dublin (scanned letter from CAO)
  • confirm in writing that you are seeking to break your agreed licence (email)
  • Based on receipt of above in the timeline defined

  • The Licensor will seek to replace the Licensee with a similar student and where successful make a total refund of rent and deposit paid. This is only based on the conditions defined above and is not available on any other condition or time of year. Please be aware it is subject to sourcing a similar replacement student. Based on the time of year, it is likely that a replacement is found but not guaranteed. If a replacement tenant is not found then only the rent will be refunded and any net amount of deposit calculated until a new tenant starts.
  • The Licensor reserves its rights regarding any deposit and rent refunds and it is subject to formal agreement on a case by case basis.
  • 05 Licence - Is insurance provided for my personal belongings?

  • The management will not accept responsibility for any damages accidents or losses. Please have insurance in place for your own property.