Academic Year - 2017/18
(02 Jan - 28 May 2018)

Semester 3 - 2018
(04 June - 28 Aug 2018)

Semester 1/2 - 2018/19
(03 Sept - 28 May 2019)

Notice Board

News and upcoming events will be posted here.

March 2018

  • Recycling

    Please note instructions from waste rcycling company on use of bins and impact of contamination Green Waste Contamination Bullitin
  • Bottle Recycling

    Please note we are getting bottle recycling bins shortly to increase our focus on becoming a greener property, instructions on use to follow

Jan 2018

  • Summer and 2018/2019 Bookings

    Please note we are now taking and receiving bookings for accomdation for the summer and following academic year, we typlically book out this Jan/Feb, therefore please book now if interested using the online booking form
  • Open Viewings

    There is going to be an open viewing for new year tenants this Friday the 19 Jan, please contact the office if interested in booking a place

Sept 2017

  • Use of Car Park

    Please note that all car park spaces in the basement are let, please do not use spaces without first contacting management, you can use them on weekends for your check to make more convienent.
  • Office

    New office now based in basement now refurbished for your day to day queries and needs, open Mon to Fri 9am to 17:30pm
  • Vending Machine

    Vending Machine for food/drinks in Laundry Room, works from credit card or cash, for your late night snacks
  • Apartment Recycling

    Please note we now operate apartment recycling, please see FAQs for how to use the bins

October 2016

  • Broadband Upgrade

    We are in the process of completing upgrades to our Broadband which will increase the capacity from the current 500MB/sec to a jawdropping 1200MB/sec. This will mean less contention on the network. The works should be completed in the coming week or so.
  • Security

    Please note you can now call Security (Barry) in the basement direct on 016625149 if you have any issues or concerns. Please note his working hours on the securty office door (beside bike storage). You can also use the contact page on the website for less urgent security issues or concerns. Please see house rules under downloads.

August 2016

  • Laundromat Upgrade

    We have just upgraded the laundry, working with a new service provider. The laundry can be used using your mobile phone to purchase credit and check status of washes. Check out the Download and Links section of this website for more information

January 2016

  • Bicycle Storage

    Please note that all Bicycles must be stored in the basement secured Bicycle Storage Area which has recently been improved. It is a breach of house rules to bring bicycles to apartments due to damage caused to corridors and apartments. Please also use bike locks in the Bicycle Storage Area, we recommend "D" locks. Bike storage is solely at the tenants own risk.

September 2015

  • Broadband Upgrade

    We have upgraded our broadband and wireless network to a state of the art managed wireless network with 500Mb available Internet bandwidth.